What the church must have.

9 11 2016

“We have lost perspective when we see other churches as the competition, vying for prominence and distinction. Instead we should find ways to demonstrate our unity and serve each other.

“The Church must draw inspiration from Whose it is, to rise to its greatest calling, to cease striving within and rise above. Instead of thinking conformity, the Church must think creatively. Instead of merely having an impact, the Church must settle for nothing less than transforming its culture through manifesting its Savior. Rather than working to boost its attendance, the Body of Christ must rise to the full stature of Christ’s character in the beauty of diversity of size, ethnicity and form.

“The issue is not house churches versus traditional ones. Not post-moderns versus moderns. Not ethnic or Caucasian, nor denominational over independents. What matters is this: Where is the Spirit of Christ present, and where is the truth of Christ found? If these exist, their flickering flame must be coaxed into a hungry fire and blown into roaring conflagration.

pablo4From THE AMAZING POTENTIAL OF ONE SURRENDERED CHURCH, Robert E Rasmussen, pp. 42,43.

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When a church embraces grace

19 09 2016

The experience of the church at Antioch is reproducible and transferable because the qualities that created their community-life emanate from the unchanging life of God. Every time they gathered, they saw thankfulness and wonder in each other’s expressions. They were a church amazed by God’s grace, amazed at their inclusion in the forever-family.

grtitude irresistibleFrom The Amazing Potential of One Surrendered Church, by Robert E Rasmussen (p.36)

Customer feedback of AMAZING POTENTIAL

25 01 2016

(on Amazon, by Pastor Dan)

“As one who has read a number of books which focus on church growth / health, I am grateful for Bob Rasmussen’s entry in this field. There are two significant aspects of this book which sets it apart from many other books related to healthy churches. First, the book is unified by its extended look at the church in Antioch. I strongly believe that healthy church growth should be grounded in Scripture, and that is exactly what we see in this book. Not only this, but Rasmussen provides some wonderful, thought-provoking insights derived from Acts 11. Second, Rasmussen’s work is written in a manner that encourages leadership discussion on these important issues. Over the course of a couple months, I led my elder team through discussions on this book which we found extremely helpful and challenging. And yet, because of the brevity of the chapters, it was also not overwhelming for elders with full time jobs outside of the church. Overall, I highly recommend pastors and leadership teams to use this book for the purpose of thought-provoking, Biblically-based dialogue on the important topic of church health and growth”

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Factors for positive change in a church

16 03 2014

A church leader who desires to bring about change in his congregation could learn from past experience. Here are some suggestions.

Think of a major change of attitude, or an emerging value, that has been embraced by the people you lead. Ask questions like these to learn about change in your context:

  1. What expressions of graciousness were evident? By what individuals or groups?
  2. What role did the preaching play?
  3. What did the formal leaders supply?
  4. What did the non-formal but recognized leaders supply? Who were they?
  5. How was perseverance evidenced? What enabled the congregation to persevere through difficult changes?
  6. Were any structures changed? How?
  7. What communications were helpful?
  8. How was strategic planning or restating the vision involved?
  9. How (and who) did leaders first need to change? What prompted change in the leaders?
  10. What precipitated the need for change?
  11. How did the congregation first respond?

Love hearing from readers!

11 10 2013


I passed out “The Amazing Potential of One surrendered Church,” to leaders in our network, and read your book through in the next couple of days. I have used quotes from it and found it to be very useful in my own ministry! As many times as I have read through the book of acts, and preached from it, I guess I just never noticed before how strikingly clear it is that God used some gentile laymen to start an intercultural church, that became perhaps the greatest missionary church of all time!

I’m getting excited about this Antioch church all over again as I write this!  I must tell you Bob, that as I travel about and visit the various Intercultural churches, I see a zeal for souls in many of them that seems to be lacking in many of our “mature” anglo churches.  Oh the the Holy Spirit would take some of these churches of the 21st century and duplicate or surpass what the church in Antioch did!

I guess I had always focused more on Barnabas and Paul!  I thank you for sharing this book with me and others!  You helped me see this church in a whole new light!

I did give out every copy that you gave me, and I sincerely hope that those that received it were as blessed as I was!

Thank you Robert, and many blessings to you!