During these years God has been teaching me truths about what it looks like to follow Jesus more closely. While I’ll give you this brief sample, I would really love it if you would permit me to email you some teachings over coming weeks…

We know that a disciple of Jesus is a follower, a learner. But do we really grasp how to follow Him increasingly over the long haul? And are we aware of the many ways God intentionally trains us as disciples?

While we seek to follow Jesus through our years on earth, God helps us follow Jesus along spiritual pathways – ways that are invisible to the eye but spiritually real.

I have discovered in my work as a missionary, and through the significant health challenges faced by my family, “secrets” which are hidden in plain sight in the New Testament. I write about ways in which God continually leads believers through renditions of the glorious work of Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection in order to conform us to Jesus.

Each reliving of Jesus’ passion increases the passion of our hearts. Each repetition of His sacrificial work conforms us more to His character. And each opportunity to experience His resurrection-life allows us to display His glory to others.

We experience this process repeatedly and in various ways. As we learn of these truths, we can look back over our lives and be encouraged to see how God has been purposeful as He has replayed the gospel in us. We can understand the meaning of what is transpiring in our lives presently. And we can be better prepared to cooperate with God in our future experiences.

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My books include Imagine Meeting Him, Safe In His Sanctuary (published by Multnomah), and lately The Amazing Potential of One Surrendered Church. I was born in Japan, lived as a boy in Nigeria, and served as an adult in Kenya. I love cultures and travel, as well as playing my trumpet, hiking, and dabbling at watercolor painting. I’ve loved being a husband, dad, pastor and missionary.

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