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I’m trying to write an entire book in 100 days! (Note: there will be some gaps.)
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Feel free to look over my shoulder and watch this book take shape.
If you want to, give me your opinion on what you see. THANKS!

Days 1-25
Title and concept: Trail Guide for the Jesus Way

Pitch, Subtitle, Structure, Audience

Introduction (first part)     Intro (second part)

Part 1. The Markers Along the Jesus Way

This would have halted God’s salvation plan!

The beginning point for following Jesus

Watch for the predator of prideful self-sufficiency.

Surrender sidebar and cup symbol

 The Marker of Surrender (4)

Jesus’ trail led to a place marked “Sacrifice”

Crucified with Christ – great cost and privilege

Beware the predator of self-preservation.

How you might experience spiritual sacrifice

How my faith crisis challenged my career plan

My wife’s astounding response to her cancer diagnosis

Has God put a challenge before you that seems insurmountable?

Practical suggestions when God asks you to sacrifice

The Jesus way is harder than I expected!

After surrender comes burial, a time to abide

Why God makes us wait

Please help me choose a symbol for resurrection

Doubt can test the best of us

Days 26-50

Possible experiences at the tomb of abiding

After seminary, vocationally stuck and tuckered out

Barren and buried, and God was unhurried

Counsel for your season in the tomb

Resurrection is the passion of God to complete the gospel story in you.

Christ paved the way for us to thrive!

The disciple plays the character of Jesus in every scene of life.

The enemy of manifesting Christ is our own self-importance.

I would not exchange my dream career for the real adventure God gave!

Infertility led to a display of Jesus in more than one way.

My wife’s cancer increased our faith and gratitude.

Your scars authenticate your witness.

Possible experiences at the marker of manifestation

Resurrection-experiences call for changes in you!

Putting it together: The “Gospel Cycle”

Baptism, Communion, and Disciplines all picture Jesus on the cross.

Beyond passing the test, the gospel cycle transforms your soul

Wonder where you are in life? Try the ‘Gospel GPS.’

The gospel cycle helps the disciple to pray according to God’s will.

The “gospel fractal” in your spiritual life

How the gospel affects pride and care for aging parents?

The gospel speaks to debt, misunderstandings, and decisions

On Spouse disagreement, quiet time, and Twitter temptation

Days 51 – 75

Terrible and Wonderful Cross!