Amazing Potential of One Surrendered Church

“As one who has read a number of books which focus on church growth / health, I am grateful for Bob Rasmussen’s entry in this field. There are two significant aspects of this book which sets it apart from many other books related to healthy churches. First, the book is unified by its extended look at the church in Antioch. I strongly believe that healthy church growth should be grounded in Scripture, and that is exactly what we see in this book. Not only this, but Rasmussen provides some wonderful, thought-provoking insights derived from Acts 11. Second, Rasmussen’s work is written in a manner that encourages leadership discussion on these important issues. Over the course of a couple months, I led my elder team through discussions on this book which we found extremely helpful and challenging. And yet, because of the brevity of the chapters, it was also not overwhelming for elders with full time jobs outside of the church. Overall, I highly recommend pastors and leadership teams to use this book for the purpose of thought-provoking, Biblically-based dialogue on the important topic of church health and growth.”

-Pastor Dan (Amazon review)

I drive by church buildings all the time and wonder how the LIFE of the congregation is going. My prayer is that this study of the church at Antioch will breath new hope into some stagnated bodies of believers.

The power of it will not be in my witty commentary, but on the discussions among leadership teams that the questions can prompt.


“Greatness for your church has less to do with buildings, budgets and attendance and more to do with responding obediently to the unique opportunities in your community.

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“Leaders of congregations can become swamped with possible approaches to ministry. The New Testament provides a refreshing example which offers clarity for today’s leaders. Using the 18 expositional chapters, leadership teams can explore the dynamics of the Antioch church. Discussion questions, suitable for planning meeting and retreats, help leaders relate timeless principles to their specific context. Together, readers learn that any church, led into increased levels of surrender, can attain quiet greatness and expanding impact.




Make the most of these studies by sharing them with your leadership team. Copies can be ordered online in print and electronic format. See (for print and Kindle) and (for various e-book formats).

“Good things do come in small packages! This brief, readable book uses the story and lessons of the church of Antioch to shape timeless principles designed to inspire and propel any church, anywhere.

“Succinct and direct, these 18 chapters (each with extensive discussion questions) are specifically intended for church leadership in order to challenge congregations toward audacious, attainable dreams of what God can do through any church, of any size, surrendered to God’s will. Rev. Rasmussen writes, “The Antioch experience is reproducible and transferable because the qualities that created the community-life emanate from the unchanging life of God.” (p36) This is a book about how ordinary folks are called to play an extraordinary role!”
-Dr. Ken Baker

“One of the gifts this book gives to its readers is a mindset for how to be the church regardless of size or style. For those wanting to study the book together in community, there are well crafted questions at the end of each chapter intended to engage the reader in both reflection and application.
-Cam Taylor




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