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My very personal journey with God through my wife’s battle with cancer.

No one is prepared for cancer. When it strikes you or a loved one, you need emotional and spiritual help. This book tells one family’s journey through the eyes of the husband. The lessons learned will help you feel closer to God in a lonely time. A great gift for someone you know.





Every journey begins with the first step.

That’s what Jesus’ disciples discovered, and it is still true today. What they and many others have discovered is that first step with Jesus can lead to a lifetime of adventure and fulfillment.

This volume contains 34 brief and creative reflections from the New Testament gospels about those who actually walked with the Master.

Some reflections explore his teachings, like:
“Three Soils that Are Killing Us,”
“Greater Works Than These,”
“How to Read the News”

Each of the six parts offers an invitation from Jesus Christ:

  • Follow Me
  • Learn of Me
  • Work with Me
  • Die with Me
  • Tell of Me
  • Abide with Me

After every reflection you will be invited to “Pause and Consider.” Let this book refresh your devotional times, and give it as a book to a friend.


Unprecedented change has swept across every nation on earth.

book cover Pinnacle TruthsIn the months ahead, the “dust” will clear and we will discover what shifts will be carried forward. But not all will change. In fact, there are timeless truths revealed in the holy writings of Scripture which shine brightest when the world grows dark. In this readable book, Robert Rasmussen takes us into the letter written by a prisoner (the apostle Paul) to one of his beloved churches (Ephesus). As we unroll his parchment, we discover a high range of peaks — spiritual possessions reserved in the heavenly places for every believer. We discover that there are battles taking place in the heavenlies, battles into which we are called to wage war using the full armor of God.

From the words of Paul, a Mosaic scholar turned persecuting zealot turned radical follower of Jesus, we learn that the law which constituted a barrier between Jew and all Gentiles has been removed by the work of Christ on the cross. We get an insider’s view of the inner workings of the church — that Jesus took spoils of war which turned out to be gifted equippers for the body of Christ to mature in love. Paul describes for us a Christian marriage, one that invites both husband and wife to love one another as Christ and His church do. We learn how to resist the evil forces in our world, and walk in the full armor of God. These brief reflections stimulate fresh thinking on one of the most beloved portions of the Bible. They remind us that pandemics and wars will come and go, but the truth of God’s Word will stand forever.

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By looking at the journeys in the life and faith of Abraham, we see ways in which God deals with people in temporary locations.

We live in one of the most mobile eras in history. The global diaspora is going to continue, bringing threats like conflict and pandemic, as well as opportunities to learn, share ideas, and build friendships. We who follow Jesus would be wise to investigate God’s purposes for today in this amazing shuffling of peoples and their beliefs.

There is a bevy of insight in looking back in time to a Bedouin herder who wandered with his caravan of tents for his entire life. Yet for his humble lifestyle, he is still revered by adherents of three world religions.

We will peer into the world in which Abram was born, and see the reliability of the oral tradition which he would have heard. We will see that Abram would have been aware of the existing covenants which God had previously made with humankind, and how honored he would have been to receive a covenant from God personally.

As a migrant, Abram will illustrate the importance of establishing memorials of important events in life. And we will see how God is able to speak directly to people in diaspora, a reality we long to see today in diaspora ministry.
We will note that the “push-pull” factors in migration today were also at work in Abram’s journeys. In the half-truth which Abram told about his wife, we will be reminded of the complications and compromises of migrating to a new culture.

In Abram’s dealings with his nephew Lot, we will sympathize with the challenge of family needs and expectations in diaspora. In Abram’s encounter with the city of Sodom, we will note the culture shock of differing moral standards as migrants move from place to place.

These, and many other insights will be ours as we look at the pilgrimage of Abraham through the lens of diaspora ministry. In so doing we can be compelled to join God, in hopes that we might see Him in our own pilgrimages, and in faith that we might be privileged to make a friend with a modern-day Abraham.

The story of Abraham is still being written. With the same faith in God’s promise, you and I can become a part of God’s redeeming for Himself a people. We can be a blessing to every nation on earth. In fact, this is the calling of every follower of Jesus.

God has been bringing to your town people from far away, who otherwise may not have heard of the God who came to us in human form, to seek us out and save us for Himself. This is a time of incredible opportunity. Abram’s new name, Abraham, brought a new destiny. It reminded him of the promise. You and I are recipients of Abraham’s faithfulness, passed down to us through generations of fragile and often failing people. Now, during our short pilgrimage on earth, we have the chance to live out our new destiny.