Needed: Christian Homes

10 09 2020

I was in a prayer meeting this morning and one of the brothers prayed, “Thank you God for my wife. Thank you that we have a Christian home.”

The simplicity of that prayer struck me. A Christian home is actually a remarkable gift, one to treasure and nurture.

I do not speak of a “house,” but a home. A Christian home, whether married or single, with children or not, exists where a home has been made for Christ.

Taking a cue from communal cultures, a Christian home is multi-generational, embracing our elderly and young alike. It can include siblings and “in-laws.” Not every member in the extended family will necessarily be a devoted follower of Christ, but together the family journeys in seeking to figure out faith and finances, politics and ethics, work and school.

Every Christian home is unique and ever-changing. There may be seasons of doubt, unemployment, loss, addiction, illness, or death. There may be loneliness, infertility, mental illness, unwanted singleness, violence, sexual shame, miscarriage, or incarceration. There may be abortion, Alzheimer’s, bankruptcy, infidelity, or divorce.

Yet the Christian home can weather these firestorms, defying defeat. Joy can emerge through sorrow, and hope out of despair. Love can cover all forms of waywardness.

Ours is a time of testing for the Christian home. Will we hold on to the love of Jesus to help us weather the storm? Will we shine in the darkness?

One characteristic we must regain is hospitality. More than opening the door of our residence, hospitality is the opening of our hearts to love the one in need.

Sometimes we need to host a neighbor or workmate. Sometimes the one in need is our adult child, our parent or in-law, or sibling or uncle.

To the degree you have a Christian home, join me in gratitude today. Where your home is a struggle, welcome Christ into difficult relationships. Christ in you can bind your home together, and Christ in our homes can preserve the fabric of society.

To reflect on:
How are you making a home for Christ?.



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