Nation, Tribe, or Kingdom?

31 08 2020

There are at least three voices beckoning you today.


Your nation wants your heart.

“We are inside. They are outside. Let’s stay together, take care of each other, protect our interests.

Keep them out. Buy our own goods.

They intend harm; take us down; steal our stuff; influence our votes.

Nation first.


Your tribe wants your heart.

“All who are “us” are not of us. Some weirdos got in here, too bad.

But we know what’s right, you and me. Gotta stick together. Gotta stick it to them.

Color, creed, party, issue, our guy. Come on you know what we have to do.

The survival of our nation depends on us doing our part; getting it right, and fast.

Tribe first.


Your Kingdom wants your heart.

Trouble is, the voice is only a whisper when compared.

It cares about nation. It can embrace tribe. But of a different kind, the kind that gets hated.

“The kingdom of God is near, in your heart. Seek first the kingdom of God.

What we forgot:  It takes a revolution to keep …

Kingdom first.



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