Factors for positive change in a church

16 03 2014

A church leader who desires to bring about change in his congregation could learn from past experience. Here are some suggestions.

Think of a major change of attitude, or an emerging value, that has been embraced by the people you lead. Ask questions like these to learn about change in your context:

  1. What expressions of graciousness were evident? By what individuals or groups?
  2. What role did the preaching play?
  3. What did the formal leaders supply?
  4. What did the non-formal but recognized leaders supply? Who were they?
  5. How was perseverance evidenced? What enabled the congregation to persevere through difficult changes?
  6. Were any structures changed? How?
  7. What communications were helpful?
  8. How was strategic planning or restating the vision involved?
  9. How (and who) did leaders first need to change? What prompted change in the leaders?
  10. What precipitated the need for change?
  11. How did the congregation first respond?