A spirit of gratitude can transform a congregation

18 03 2013

The Antioch church saw the grace of God every week as more Gentiles realized the blood of the cross was for their forgiveness too! That’s why they were super-charged with thankfulness. Here is an excerpt from THE AMAZING POTENTIAL OF ONE SURRENDERED CHURCH (p.36).

What would happen to a church today if everyone was seized with deep gratitude to God for His grace—if old and young felt the reality of salvation from eternal torment by the substitutionary death of Christ?

The Antioch experience is reproducible and transferable because the qualities that created their community-life emanate from the unchanging life of God. Every time they gathered, they saw thankfulness and wonder in each other’s expressions. They were a church amazed by God’s grace, amazed at their inclusion in the forever-family.

Can we not begin a long-term process of prayer, asking God to return to our church the joy of our salvation? Should we not begin sharing our stories of His profound grace to remind ourselves how good God has been to share His gift with us? Whatever the structure or staff, any church infected with gratitude will become an irresistible community.


  1. Take an inventory of ways God has been gracious to you personally. Do the same for your church. How has God shed His grace on your corporate life?
  2. Have a season of prayer where you don’t ask God for anything. Focus wholly on praising Him for who He is and thanking Him for all that He has done for you. Reflect on your need for more gratitude as a lifestyle.



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