Poem: Strange World Away

6 03 2013

Imagine stepping off the dirt you called “home” for the last four years

Into a bus you have seen come and go, carrying other lucky ones

Now, your turn has come. Children in tow. Husband perhaps.

You wear or carry all you own. Prayers saw you off. Tears your companions.

The plane, so clean and sleek. Unimaginable. You’re inside.

Everyone stares. Will it fly?

Endless hours. Food never before seen.

Landing. Fear. “Airport.” Papers please!

Friends left behind. Friendship ahead?

Step from plane to shuttle to corridors to desks to baggage everywhere to bus to lobby to hallway to room.

A world away. Strange world away, never to return.

Refuge? Lucky?

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Here are some pictures of refugees living out this poem.




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