You are within reach of a person of undiscovered potential

1 02 2013

That person only needs to be given an opportunity. Note how Barnabas did this (THE AMAZING POTENTIAL OF ONE SURRENDERED CHURCH, p. 50-51)

The only way a church leader like Barnabas can resource his church is to see himself as a steward of it, not an owner. He was not possessive of this young growing church. He knew the people needed teaching, so he got the best teacher he knew of.

So Barnabas did two difficult things: he “left” and he “looked.” He placed such importance on getting the church what it needed that he risked leaving it for a time. Then he looked for Saul. He found Saul’s home, asked his family and friends. Perhaps Saul had stirred up enough trouble in Tarsus that he was easy to find. But “when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch” (Acts 11:26).

From then on, Barnabas and Saul are a team. Even though they will have disagreements, they still are life-long friends and partners.

In one sense, Saul was unique. There could never be one who was so used of God throughout history. Yet in another sense, there are Saul’s everywhere—people prepared by God, waiting for their next, greater assignment.

It takes someone like Barnabas to leave what they are doing to go and look for that Saul, and having found him or her, to bring that person-of-potential to the new opportunity.

Can we pray for the eyes of Barnabas, to see that person waiting for a greater challenge? Can we prepare ourselves, like Saul, to be ready and willing when the call comes?


  1. Who can you see as people-of-potential who are being prepared by God for a new ministry challenge?
  2. In what ways could their talents be matched with a ministry need so that both individual and church are encouraged?



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