Psalm of the Waterfalls

30 10 2011

Words fail. Stop short.But I must try.I came upon a hidden world of aquatic beauty so splendid as to defy description.Only imagination could encompass unnumbered waterfalls, vigorously cascading, each one calling, “Look here! Have you ever seen pristine beauty like mine?”One dives halfway down, pausing for awhile in a green pool before plunging again to the frothy floor to begin its meandering journey through forest and hill toward the ocean to the east.Another, roaring like a proud lion before a duel, blasts forth in triumphant power, angrily churning its way from highest pinnacle to fuming cauldron below, exploding bomb-like on the floor and launching a plume toward the sky.By the hundreds, small and great, these sentinels from heaven tirelessly proclaim the Great One who set them in place between black basalt cliffs accented in tropical greens.The waters warn of His danger for, though He is kind, His restrained anger will bring justice in its time.As great waters plunge with aggression, so is the One whose might relentlessly supplies power to all living things.The cascading amphitheater announces the beauty of the Creator whose poetry weaves through all nature, from colorful Toucan to fragrant bougainvillea.Danger. Power. Beauty.Iguassu shows what words cannot tell.Here, where the waters gather in anonymity, surrendering national pride to unity of praise, I bow my dripping head to worship You, My Creator.



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