Other churches in town are not the competition

1 03 2013

Though hell can attack large church attendance, it cannot withstand a surrendered congregation. Here is an excerpt from THE AMAZING POTENTIAL OF ONE SURRENDERED CHURCH (p. 42)

No local church is strong by itself, even a mega-church. Even a large church is small and frail in itself, able to fail in a single generation. Even a wealthy church is poor in itself, prone to pride and lukewarmness within years of its ascent. Every church needs the others, for we are one Body. Our strength is in seeing our partnership under one Head, Christ. Our assault against the gates finds strength in our diversity and our unity, our variety and our sameness—or else we will be a scattered army, unable to mount any assault that approaches the gates.

We have lost perspective when we see other churches as the competition, vying for prominence and distinction. Instead we should find ways to demonstrate our unity and serve each other.

The Church must draw inspiration from Whose it is, to rise to its greatest calling, to cease striving within and rise above. Instead of thinking conformity, the Church must think creatively. Instead of merely having an impact, the Church must settle for nothing less than transforming its culture through manifesting its Savior. Rather than working to boost its attendance, the Body of Christ must rise to the full stature of Christ’s character in the beauty of diversity of size, ethnicity and form.

The issue is not house churches versus traditional ones. Not post-moderns versus moderns. Not ethnic or Caucasian, nor denominational over independents. What matters is this: Where is the Spirit of Christ present, and where is the truth of Christ found? If these exist, their flickering flame must be coaxed into a hungry fire and blown into roaring conflagration.


Take an inventory of the positive ways the churches in your community have reflected the unity of the Body of Christ. Celebrate ways in which your church has contributed to these efforts.



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