If death came reasonably

16 12 2015
If death came reasonably, I suppose the elderly would die in order of age, and the wicked would be taken sooner than the good. If death came reasonably, my dear Lyn would not have died in her prime. We are created to reason, to seek understanding, to unravel and explain. That is why death baffles me. Its timing is unreasonable.
Yet I would not want the responsibility for deciding when death should come to myself or others. I conclude that my best recourse is to revere the God to whom the timing of death is not unreasonable. His sovereignty seems random to me, an unwanted mystery.
Wisdom tells me to be grateful for the good years we had together. Wisdom cautions me against comparing with others. Wisdom reminds me that God is God and I am not. It is His right to seem unreasonable to me. This acknowledgment is my worship. And now that I have told you, it is my witness.



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