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21 01 2016



TRAIL GUIDE FOR THE JESUS WAY is emerging out of my prayer in college to live radically for Jesus. God took that prayer seriously and brought me deeper in faith through some amazing years as a pastor and missionary in Africa, and through some severe testing of my faith particularly through my wife’s two battles with cancer.

I can trace the beginning of my TRAIL GUIDE journey back to the time when, in deep anguish, I wrote in my journal, “This seems like a death.” During that season, God took me back to the cross and re-introduced me to the Jesus who said that anyone wanting to really be His disciple needs to deny self, take up his cross and follow Him.

The seed had been planted in my mind and soul. For 15 years now I have been exploring in my own life this question “where does Jesus lead the serious disciple?” I’ve found the answer is quite predictable. And glorious.

Why does this subject deserve a book? Because there is a Biblical theme which is crucial for disciples yet hidden in plain sight.

I’m using a “trail guide” approach because this is a journey on which one can get disoriented. You and I need a reliable compass for direction no matter where our path has taken us. You need to know where you’ve been, where you’re stuck, and what’s next.

A trail guide sticks to the facts and skips a lot of fluff. So this book will be a handy reference guide that quickly delivers insight.

That’s where I’m headed.

You coming?



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18 06 2016

Thanks Desiree.

17 06 2016

I think it is a great title. I often think of life as a journey.

30 01 2016
Robert Rasmussen

Thanks Angie for joining the journey. I hope you will give me some feedback.

30 01 2016

Looking forward to it!

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