Without Love, I am a missional sham

19 06 2013

To talk about cross-cultural competency or multiethnic church is premature until we talk about loving others, loving everyone in Jesus’ name. The heart of love drives the hands of reconciliation.

  • Though I speak of the virtues of welcoming the nations, and enlighten the masses about cultural competency, but have not love, I am nothing.
  • Though I have a church of 20% Latinos and 20% Blacks and 20% Asians and 20% Anglos and 20% Pacific Islanders, yet have not love, I am merely counting heads.
  • If I don’t look my neighbor in the eye, and hear his story–if I don’t have him in my home and visit his, if I don’t ask about his hurts and reconcile our differences, I am merely pursuing a strategy, merely playing church with diversity–I have not love, I am a missional sham.

Lord, I desire to be a “vessel of honor”–a useful, sharp tool you can readily and frequently reach for and find satisfactory for the job. I offer myself fresh today.



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