What’s the story of your city?

29 08 2014

The elements of story provide a fresh way to understand your city or town. Consider these elements as you reflect on a city that you care about. Use your answers to pray for the Kingdom of God to come there in greater measure. This could be a good group project too.




The reason there is a city in this place

It resources (natural, geographical, etc.)

What anniversaries, parades, museums and monuments tell us of this place?

What is the historic relationship of Seattle to its surrounding cities/competitors? How is it viewed?





The indigenous peoples; what kind of foundation did they lay?

Early pioneers; what were they like; what was their motive in coming.

What kind of relationship did the indigenous and pioneers have?

Who were the builders; what dynamic did they establish

who were the villains? heroes? revolutionaries?

What has been the role played by the “character” called the Church? What role could it play in the story?




What here the clashes and what do they reveal of the story?

What monuments are left of the crises, the heroes?

What crises/conflicts have been cyclical?

If a social tragedy were to heppen, what would it likely be (and what does that tell us about the city’s storyline)? Or, what ethnic/economic tension might break into violence/protest?

What do regional politics tell us?




How must righteousness reign?

How must this city heed God?

How would Jesus desire to redeem the city?

If the Church of this city was spoken of in Rev 2-3, what would the Spirit say about it..its main achievements, its main shortcoming?