Unexpected Love

10 06 2011

At a conference I attended recently, I was blessed to sit across from a Christian leader from Pakistan. He shared a story I now pass along to you. After the destructive earthquake that struck Pakistan awhile ago, Christians from outside the country poured in to offer assistance. There was then a devastating flood, which took the lives of many, and wiped out homes and businesses. Again, believers in Jesus responded to the need.

The way in which the Jesus-followers helped caught the attention of the local people (who are of a major non-Christian religion). The Pakistani leader said that many, in one expression or another, said to the believers, “No Christians died. Why are you here?”

They experienced the love of Christ because the believers did not just drop supplies and leave, but sat and cared for them as people.

There’s plenty of bad news around. Isn’t it great to hear something positive from the trenches?



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