The “gospel fractal” in your spiritual life

28 03 2016

The infinite multiplication of the gospel cycle could be called a “gospel fractal.”

A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop (from Search the internet for images of fractals and you will see the beautiful designs created by repetition of the same pattern.

fern fractal - maxresdefaultFractals are prolific in the natural world which God created. Some of the fractal images reveal repeated patterns in, for example, the structure of leaves, vegetables and fruit. Take a look from the heavens and you will see fractals in cloud formations, and rivers carved in hillsides by rain. Observe the fractals in underwater coral and plant life. All of these and many more show the repeated pattern of growth set in place by God. See my former post called The Gospel Fractal here.

How amazing to see that the gospel cycle forms fractals in our spiritual life as disciples. It resembles a fractal in that its simple four-segment pattern repeats without limit throughout all of our earthly life. (Who knows what part it might play in our eternal life with God!) The gospel fractal is scalable, meaning that the same pattern is present in very tiny segments of time – such as a decision or a glance – all the way up to those lasting years. In fact, I believe the pattern extends to multi-generational families, organizations, even nations, and extending over eras. These gospel fractals are transpiring in each of our lives, on various levels small and great, simultaneously.

In each and every case, we are drawn into closer fellowship with God, who established the pattern, who empowers their development by His Spirit, and who garners an abundance of glory for the Son throughout the whole world in every generation! Do we not see the genius and motivation of God in this? As the variegated fractals of the gospel burst out from disciples of every age, gender, language and nation, and in every era, Jesus receives increasing glory while we are conformed to His glorious image! Praise be to the wondrous God of the gospel!

Equipped with this understanding of the gospel cycle, we now will carry it with us into real life to see specifically how God matures us, from newborn babies to mature disciples who can survive in any terrain.

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