One Body Through the Cross (a corporate prayer based on Eph. 2)

29 02 2012

We praise you today,O God, for your amazing grace toward us.

For we were once outside the wall of your favor

     separated from your covenant love

     strangers to your promises

     aliens without a place in your house

Our lives were in deep distress,

Our eternal destiny hung in the balance, even when we did not know what danger we were in.

But thanks be to you, O Father. You knew our plight, you rose to act.

We worship you, Lord Jesus, for laying aside your glory and coming as a servant. You broke down the wall of separation, you ended the apartheid that once excluded us, and by your shed blood have now included us.

Now, our risen King, all may call upon you for salvation.

All may know the love that passes understanding.

We implore you, O Spirit of the living God, help us live as fellow members of the household of God,

     for that is what we are.

Reconciled to God, we can be at peace with each other.

Draw us near to the cross once again

     for there we recall that everything is by grace.

We are sinners all, needing mercy today, that we may truly live as one body through the cross.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.