Spouse disagreement, quiet time, and Twitter temptation

30 03 2016

This is the third post in which I seek to illustrate how the “gospel fractal” works in our lives on various levels. Check back on pride and debt for previous thoughts.

Disagreeing with my wife about whether or not to take a ministry trip.

Simply stated, I heard about a conference in another state that really sounds interesting. I can fit it in my schedule, but my wife thinks I’ve been pushing it too hard. She speaks out of love for me, and some wisdom too. But I know she has need for more of my time and attention, so that is in the background. But could a conference about God be out of His will?

So many good decisions come down to sorting out our priorities. In this instance, I am blessed to have a godly wife who has no higher interest than living for Christ and helping me do the same. We can each experience the pattern of surrender and sacrifice simultaneously, and bring our perspectives together. There is a good chance we will come to the same conclusion, but if not, one of us will submit to the other. So the gospel cycle is at work on two levels. One, should I go to the conference or not. Two, and more important, am I dying to live the gospel in my marriage.

Battle over whether to make time for morning prayer.

Now we come to a gospel cycle that transpires in a matter of minutes. My goal is to spend time every morning to reconnect with God. I love doing this, but sometimes my schedule fights against it, or my mind is active with a list of things to do and does not want to slow down for prayer and reflection on God’s Word.

Like virtually every gospel cycle, this one begins with the question of surrender. Will I take my overactive mind, my distractibility, my “to do” list into the garden of Gethsemane and surrender it to God? When I do, I often find Jesus waiting there to take me through the rest of the way. He shows me something I can sacrifice for Him. I abide with Him for awhile, letting His peace calm the worries of the day. And a bit of His glory appears in my heart – maybe through an insight from the Word that encourages me, or maybe from the joy that I have remembered my family members in prayer.

Tempted by seductive profile pictures on Twitter

My final example happens in a split second. I’m at my computer connecting with people (ministry partners of course!) on social media. I’m following people who share a similar vision and out of nowhere there is a profile picture of “SandraXXXfun” who clearly is not a #Jesus-follower. It may disappoint you to know that I am tempted to take a closer look at Sandra.

Enter the gospel rescue team! You see, I have pre-decided that when this occasion arises, I will not click on that link. I have already decided that Sandra and Buffy and the guys that actually put her on Twitter belong at a place in my heart called Golgotha. They are already crucified and buried, not to rise again. The resurrection in this momentary episode is my victory of obedience. I scroll down and click on “BibleTweets.” (or not!)

And if my pre-decision lets me down? Then the gospel cycle looks like confession and re-surrender – hopefully right away and not after a day or week of gawking at the likes of Sandra.

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