Resurrection-experiences call for changes in you!

9 03 2016

resurrWatch for signs of Jesus’ life.  You experience more of the risen Christ, not because of your actions, but because God has chosen the time and means for displaying Jesus in you. One of the main tasks of the disciple therefore is to watch for signs of Christ’s life emerging in you. Pay attention to small ways that God gives you hope. Have faith to whatever degree you can. You may have been in a burial-like season for so long that you can’t recognize the dawning of change. Don’t let the darkness of the tomb become your personality.

Share the victory including the struggles. As you come into the light of resurrection, you have a story to share. As Christ manifests Himself in you in new ways, tell others of what He has done. Share what He means as you have come to know Him better. Remember, your story is not just the victory of your healing, promotion, or reconciliation. Your story goes all the way back to your Gethsemane and Golgotha. These harder sections of the path give the background to the good that God has done for you. Revealing the difficulty of the journey helps others identify their struggle with yours, and increases their hope.

Find various ways to memorialize what God has done.  In the Old Testament, the people of Israel built monuments to remember the mighty acts of God. Consider ways you can memorialize your major gospel cycles. You might have a celebration meal, or have a plaque made to hang on your wall. You might write up the story and send it to friends. If an opportunity arises to share what you have been up to, take the bold step and tell of your recent encounters along the Jesus way. Resurrection merits praise! My wife, normally shy in large groups, would sometimes be in a worship service and would be gripped by the truth in a song. She was so full of worship to God for saving her life that she would extend both arms energetically into the air. A few times, when the song called for humility, she would lower to her knees as her expression of worship.

Stay at the new level of maturity God has brought you to. Let thankfulness become deeply embedded in your soul. God has counted you worthy to serve as a display case for His wonderful Son! Yes it has been difficult, perhaps beyond words. But God has brought you through, and Jesus has been manifested in you. Hold on to this privilege and let gratitude be your new normal. Don’t slide back to a former critical complainer. Don’t succumb to judgmentalism or self-righteousness. Instead, step into the greater love that comes with knowing Christ more intimately. Did you abide with Christ as you grieved and waited? Stay at rest in Him now that you have emerged into a lighter time. This is how you are transformed by your gospel cycles. God has invested in you. Now be the more mature person He expects.

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