Pandemic’s Opposite

28 03 2020

It is doing my soul such good to enter into the thoughts of the Apostle Paul, a prisoner for his devotion to Jesus, as he writes of vast heavenly truths.

Today we have many words describing horrible invasions, like 

  • pandemic
  • cancer
  • virus
  • epidemic

As I look at Paul’s epistle to the Ephesian believers, it is clear that God has unleashed on humanity a glorious infection — an array of blessings which can spread to everyone in every place.

Just as Covid-19 began with one invading cell, I’ve looked in our passage for the source of every spiritual blessing.

And I think I’ve found it.  It’s the pleasure of God.

Embedded in the grand hymn of praise (Eph. 1:3-14), there are two instances of “good pleasure” (Gk. word, eudokia)

  • “according to the good pleasure of His will” (1:5)
  • “according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself” (1:9)

God could have been angry, vindictive, selfish, petty, dictatorial, weak, — a real cosmic sour-puss. Instead, God, in the deepest recesses of His being delights in goodness. He is good, and He wills to spread goodness to humanity and creation.

So, He created in the heavenlies a blessed people, and unleashed us to spread through the whole earth. Imagine the impact of millions of people who:

  • know they are chosen by God!
  • bask in the security of adoption into God’s family!
  • have all their sins forgiven!
  • possess an eternal inheritance, sealed and guaranteed by the Holy Spirit!

If we become glued to the fear and negativity of these days, we could miss our part in the good pleasure of God as He infects the world with His love.

Epidemics will come and go,
Markets will fall and recover and fall again,
Leaders will falter
Institutions will disappoint,
but the good pleasure of our God will thrive into eternity.
So we, together, will wait on Him
and spread His good news
in every land and home.

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