My wife’s cancer increased our gratitude and faith.

8 03 2016

Using our own story (from 2001), I’m continuing to illustrate practical ways resurrection can show up out of difficult circumstances. (see previous post here)

resurrection 1Lyn’s recovery from cancer’s invasion was a picture of the greater deliverance from hopelessness. In other words, the physical healing she received was emblematic of the soul healing which God longs to grant everyone. There were, of course, many praises lifted up to God for Lyn’s recovery. Together we went on and served in active ministry with newfound appreciation.

Ever since that cancer battle, we have treasured each day as a gift from God. No longer could we assume another day to live. Gratitude spread to all areas of our life. We appreciated our parents, siblings and children more. We valued the added years to serve our Lord. And the risen Christ became more obvious in the writings of the Bible. I began to see the implications of His gospel work on virtually every page of scripture. I began weaving this theme into opportunities I was given to teach. I’m afraid I have probably worn out my family and friends repeating this theme!

Our resurrection-like experience on earth has brought our future resurrection nearer. Our taste of life out of death has strengthened our faith that God will one day raise us to eternal life. So I would say that our saga with leukemia changed us in significant ways. We were less confident in our ability to control our own health and circumstance. In society today there exists great emphasis on eating and living healthily. This is wise, but all the supplements and regimens in the world do not put you in charge of your own longevity.

The corollary to this is that we grew more dependent on God if He chose to bring us into, and out from, difficult gospel cycles. It did not seem logical for God to strike our family with cancer after 18 years of service in pastoring and missions. But we concluded that God is not required to fit within our logical categories. So I would conclude that one of the manifestations of the risen Christ in our story has been increased faith. Others have observed this, and taken courage from it. We are glad that in some small way the kingdom of Jesus was expanded through our journey.

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