If election is the question, Jesus is the answer

31 07 2016

SHS coverRereading SAFE IN HIS SANCTUARY, I came across this treasured section:

Somehow, Jesus is the only explanation of election. Long ago, before the crossbars of governments were lifted into place, before the pillars of society were raised, even before the foundation of the world was laid, God the Father looked at His Son with loving eyes and envisioned for Him a committed people.

He pictured His Son as the King of kings and knew who would be His loyal subjects.

He considered Jesus as the groom and He chose for Him an appropriate bride.

He thought of His Son as the head of the Church, and it apparently came into clear focus as to who would comprise His body. He conceived of His Son as a Savior, and He determined the ones who needed to be saved — no, who WANTED to be saved — no, who WOULD be saved.

If election is the question, Jesus is the answer. He is the scope and boundary, its basis and purpose. He doesn’t have limited capacity to save people. Nor does He have (thank Him) any restriction in His love that excludes some while enfolding others.

When I get baffled about the doctrine of election, I find the best response is worship!



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