Earth, God’s amazing work

25 07 2016

earth-in-spaceThis planet called “earth” and this solar system, are integrated with the entire, immeasurable universe. Therefore, our God who created the earth surely created the universe, otherwise this system could or would have problems of incompatibility with space and all the movements of galaxies. The speed of light follows the same physics as earthly light. God authored those physics.
Yet God has chosen to focus detailed creativity on earth and its inhabitants. And it is marvelous! It should amaze us, every day, that we are part of this incredible expression of God’s power and love.
And the story of redemption means the creator God wants relationship. He chooses some of us, enabling us to choose Him. Thank You, O God, for Your marvelous work. You have created this place in space, and entered it in order to save us. You are here now, with us, by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus will come a second time, at any time. I look forward to that day, even today!




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