Because He arose, we go!

25 01 2014

Let’s go back to the description of Jesus’ resurrection as recorded by his contemporaries (two eye-witnesses, Matthew and John; and two researchers, Mark and Luke). One task Jesus wanted to accomplish very intentionally was to physically appear to His followers in order to prove that His resurrection was true. Where there were doubters (eg. Thomas) He appeased their fears.  A second task Jesus tackled was to open the eyes of their understanding, revealing that He was the fulfillment of a plethora of ancient prophecies, as well as His own predictions of death and resurrection.

But there is an important insight gained as we compare the four gospel accounts. Each writer records words of Jesus which reveal that His Jesus’ primary burden as the resurrected Son of God was the authorizing and sending out of His disciples to expand His enterprise.

MATTHEW emphasizes our authority to make disciples, baptize, and teach obedience to Jesus’ commands. (Matt. 18:18-20)

MARK  emphasizes the global proclamation of the gospel accompanied by miraculous signs and protection. (Mark 16:15-18)

LUKE emphasizes our witness of gospel proclamation to all nations beginning at Jerusalem after receiving the Holy Spirit’s power. (Luke 24:46-49 and Acts 1:8)

JOHN focuses on our going out with the authority to transact spiritual business in Jesus’ name. (John 20:21-23)

After receiving these instructions, the reaction of the disciples was to worship Christ with great joy, and to gather for praise. They waited in prayerful anticipation of the power to go out and fulfill their new purpose for living. They were overjoyed that their Master was alive and would continue to be with them. And they were emboldened to live out His teachings.

The cross of Christ accomplished the work of salvation. The resurrection of Christ launches us on the mission of  proclaiming it. Help us Lord to do so with worship, great joy, praise, and prayerful anticipation!



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