Today with Jesus – the story begins

10 10 2017

Hi there! This is a short series of reflections on how Jesus walked among us, and how we can walk with him today. I hope you will subscribe below so that I can send you a continuation each week.

One Ordinary Day (1)

It begins this way. You are tending to the mundane tasks of everyday living — answering emails, making dinner, lifting crates, arranging displays — whatever a typical day expects.

That’s how it began for two brothers keeping the family business afloat. Their home hugged the sea in northern Israel, and from its waters they drew their livelihood. Routinely, they steadied their boat as one of them heaved a fish net in hopes of a catch.

Likely, they would not have noticed the stranger walking on the shore. And likely you wouldn’t suspect anything extraordinary were he to walk by in the middle of your day.

You, and the fishermen, wouldn’t have cause to know that the proclaimer had chosen that day to walk into your time and place. You could not have known then that the time was right for you and he to meet.

So he says to you what he said to brothers Simon and Andrew, “Follow me.”

Why does the simplicity of this invitation still appeal to us 2,000 years later?

  • Perhaps it is because we have tried to lead ourselves.
  • Perhaps its because we hope that someone wiser knows a better way.
  • Perhaps its because even our successes can leave us unfulfilled.

Following Jesus is a journey into uncharted seas of adventure. It is a call to invest today in a task potentially profound.

Jesus took what they knew and enlarged its potential: “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men” (Mark 1:17).

Think of how those words must have sounded.

Absurd. Confusing.
Intriguing. Authoritative.

And apparently irresistible: “They immediately left their nets and followed Him” (Mk. 1:18).

To be honest, I don’t think they left the family business for good. They didn’t have a lifetime of spiritual service in mind. They weren’t joining a priestly guild. They merely took the afternoon off to see where the visitor was going. The fish would be there tomorrow.

Maybe Jesus strolled into your life without fanfare. He noticed what you were doing. And he invited you to come along and spend some time together.

Jesus invites you to follow him today. It is as if he says, Let’s see what I can do with your interests and your work. Let’s go together and make a difference.

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