God, Get Me Through is perfect for anyone who has wondered about God’s plan, purpose, and presence in the midst of deep suffering and grief.   Bob’s personal journey reveals God’s incredible love for His people, even when answers don’t come.  A sweet story of a bittersweet time.

Vicky Reier, personal friend

When a friend goes through a deep, long tunnel, you long to help in some way. Sometimes praying for them is all you can do, and the best. Bob and Lyn Rasmussen were our teammates in Kenya, East Africa, for 10 years, and we grew to love and respect them deeply as committed and mature Christians. Lyn was a prayer warrior, who deeply loved and prayed for many with perseverance. Bob was a gifted missionary and team leader for a time. None of us knew what a hard road they would travel after they left Kenya! But the Lord had prepared them both to not only Him but to follow when the way was dark and unknown.  This book will detail some of the ways they struggled, listened, accepted, and grew from their sorrows.  If there is anything I can be sure of, it is that this book is authentic and real.  Listen to what you might learn from Bob, to remember when you go through your own dark tunnel.

Sue DeVries, personal friend

Bob Rasmussen’s real-life story of supporting his wife Lyn through a harrowing flight from Nairobi, Kenya back to the U.S. to seek treatment for a serious illness gives its’ readers an opportunity to view their own suffering through a new lens. The “Bubble of Grace” which Bob and Lyn discovered in the process of their journey has illustrated to me God’s unique involvement in the challenges I have faced. Discovering that Lyn suffered from leukemia and eventually needed a bone marrow transplant confirmed the gravity of Bob and Lyn’s situation. God, Get Me Through takes Bob’s experiences and depth of thinking on the subject of suffering and offers a unique and practical approach to dealing with life’s unexpected turns.

Rev. Don Kearby, Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Aurora, Colorado

What a book, What a story to tell and what a story to read. It is in this book GOD -GET ME THROUGH: It is a book for all of who are believers and many a times have wondered where is God when you truly need his helping hand and yet it seems like God is nowhere. Meet Rasmussen who has not for any reason lost sight of God, who has walked that journey when many of us asked, God where are you? to Rasmussen, God was and has always been with him even in tough times of prolonged sickness of his wife Lyn and her passing on. Bob remains on course in serving HIM. It is a book that a firms God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and days to come and changes not.

In this book, you will find Bob and Lyn Rasmussen whose heart for God was not questionable even in the midst of a serious illness for Lyn. When they talked about God, they walked the talk. Lyn was discovered to be sick while serving in Kenya, Africa in early 20s these two incredible people never slowed down on finding God and serving him even more. When Lyn got even more sick, Bob’s resolute for God grew even more at a time when we in our human nature would have given up and gone back and even questioned God’s love and presence in our lives. You find out too that God is never far from us through storms, grief, pain, loss but rather strengthens our relationship with him.

Bob and Lyn have in a big way influenced our lives in walking with God and serving him. He and his late wife Lyn, remain our role model in loving and following God. God has gotten us through many storms and still does.

Chris and Irene Okuna

“Lyn Rasmussen stands as an example par excellence of courage. Her life epitomizes the words of Nelson Mandela:  “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave [woman] is not she who does not feel afraid, but she who conquers that fear.” Lyn conquered her fears, not through her own skill or innate ability nor by sheer grit but, by her unwavering trust in and obedience to the God who loved her. In the end and to the end, she knew what many of us are still learning. God said, and she believed, “I will be with you in the flood. I will be with you in the fire.” She now stands among the great cloud of witnesses, encouraging us to run the race set before us with endurance, wherever that race takes us, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Rick Cruse, Board Certified Chaplain, Lead Chaplain, Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital, and personal friend